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  • Spend Time in Nature to Improve Your Mood


    Managing mental health can be challenging enough, nevermind during a pandemic. While socializing might be off the table, getting back to nature is encouraged.


    Getting outside can help ease the stresses of the day and lighten our dark moods. Whether you go for a walk or run to take exercise outside or work in the garden, it will definitely help your mood.


    Countless studies have shown that spending time outside has major mental health benefits. The sounds, the smells, and the feel of the sun or a warm breeze makes you feel better.


    It has the ability to make you feel lighter. Being outside in nature has a very positive effect on anxiety, depression, and even issues like headaches and irritability.


    It can also help you if you have been feeling disconnected lately, whether from people or a disconnect from reality. In difficult times, we tend to see things differently, which can get confusing.


    There are other benefits of being out in nature that have positive effects on the brain. It can calm you during a stressful time, boost your energy, and help you sleep. It can also help people who are grieving and coping with loss.


    Let Nature Help


    It also doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Start your day by having your coffee on your balcony or front porch. If you have been feeling cooped up because you have been working from home, move your workspace outside.


    Start your morning with a brisk walk around your own neighborhood or a local park. It will get your heart pumping and get you moving. Breath deeply and enjoy your space. Take notice of the beauty around you.


    Take a walk through a park or the woods, if possible. The smell of nature has an amazing power to calm your mind.  Often, just getting away from the city noises and smells will make a big improvement.


    A bike will help you get back outside and get some exercise. You can discover trails and areas of your city that you may not be familiar with. Using your bike instead of your car or public transportation is a great way to embrace the great outdoors.


    If you have a dog, increase their walks. They will love it and it is a great way to meet others who have something in common with you. There are plenty of dog parks where you can engage with your pet and enjoy the fresh air.


    Consider going camping. You can find a nice camping area near you to really get back to nature and enjoy the fresh air. Chopping wood, cooking over a fire, and sleeping in a tent or camper makes you very aware of the beauty around you.


    Trust Your Mother Nature


    Any bad mood or mental health concern can be improved greatly by spending time outside. Walk to the grocery store, move your home office to your balcony, or just talk a walk. Embrace Mother Nature for your own good.





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