Psychiatric nurse practitioner for over a decade based in Prescott, Arizona

I’m known for being conservative with medication, my dedication to mental health, my love of yoga and meditation and my belief that we are all innately whole. People come to see me when they are struggling and need help from someone who cares to find their way back home.

That’s where I come in. I love seeing that spark of hope come into someone’s eyes when we talk and figure out a plan to help them find their way out of the dark woods. They may be struggling with anxiety, depression or stressors in their life – whatever it is, there is a path back to serenity. I help them to find that path, one that is unique and meaningful to them.

The art of psychiatry seems to be lost these days, with the emphasis on finding a medication for each symptom. Many times the big picture is lost in the focus on specifics. People end up being on a medication for this, a medication for that, ultimately dealing with the side effects of medications instead of healing the core issues. This is not the way that I practice. I’m someone who will take the time to get to know you to help you discover what will ultimately help you feel better.

Let’s Walk the path together

I have always been a seeker and throughout my life have found that 

a simple life holds

the most meaning

When not working, I can be found mountain biking on one of the many trails in Prescott, working out with my significant other, practicing yoga, cooking or reading.

I am also a true nature and animal lover and spend as much time outside as I possibly can.

IF I HAD TO DESCRIBE my practice IN THREE WORDS, THEY WOULD BE genuine, empowering AND soul-based.



Inge Gisela Bundchen is the owner and sole practitioner of Serenity Psychiatric.  She is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in private practice in Prescott, Arizona. After spending over 20 years as a workaholic, managing a highly successful business in the Phoenix area, she changed paths, continued her education and pursued her true passion of helping others to improve their mental health. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and has been practicing for over a decade.

Inge is passionate about helping others to find their way back to their true nature and serenity. She provides psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy and medication management in her private practice. Inge is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 yoga teacher and has earned additional certifications to teach both Yoga Nidra and meditation.

Inge has been a featured speaker at Granite Mountain Psychological Association, where she has spoken on the topics of anxiety and depression in adults and children. In addition, she has provided psychiatric services for several alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers for several years.